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SureTaxes provide high value actions and relationships constantly helping employees with our most reliable tax services specialize in helping individuals meet their U.S. tax filing obligations, each and every client is most precious, data privacy is of our utmost importance, so we provide high value to our clients in terms based on honesty, authenticity, accountability, and trust on our service deliverance.

Our Services


  • Record sales from the deposits to your bank accounts.
  • Record expenses from the checks you write from your bank accounts.
  • Record your expenses ...

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Book Keeping

  • Selection, sale, installation and setup of QuickBooks accounting software.
  • On-site and remote technical training and implementation of QuickBooks.
  • ...

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City/Local Tax Return Preparation & Filing

If you are living in a City/County which is subject to file a tax return, we  file your city/local taxes for Free of cost.

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Extension Filing

File your individual Income tax return (Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ) and Pay any tax due before April 15th to avoid penalties and Interests.

In case if you are not able to file your...

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FBAR/FATCA Processing

 Foreign Bank Accounts Report (FBAR), or FinCEN Form 114 if the combined total of your foreign financial accounts is at least $10K or reaches this threshold at any point during the calendar ye...

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IRS AUDIT Representation

 Any disputes from IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and State taxing authorities. Our representation involves ensuring that the IRS and other state taxing authorities are following the rules and...

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ITIN Application Processing

ITIN–Individual taxpayer identification number is a tax ID used to file self-tax returns reporting income, tax treaties and claim dependents on tax returns.

 Mostly missing the d...

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  • Processing and reporting of payroll to federal and state authorities.
  • Correction and reporting of payroll errors.
  • Resolution of payroll tax pr...

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Tax Planning

Suretaxes go through the  evaluation of the return, first stage of verifaction will be done by our tax analyst, second stage of review is done by our senior Agent and  which ensures that ...

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Tax Return Evaluation

 Tax payer has to ensure that his/her tax returns are filed accurately. Filing right tax returns avoids payment notices from IRS, as per IRS it has  right to check last 6 years filed...

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